Charlotte Pedersen

Charlotte Pedersen

Charlotte Pedersen is a Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Level 2 Dressage Coach. She runs her dressage coaching business in Victoria's Macedon Ranges.

A native of Denmark, Charlotte has called Australia home for many years. Charlotte started riding at the age of eleven, and as soon as she started riding, she was hooked. She gave up all other sport and music to focus on riding. After years of competing, she then did her apprenticeship in instructing before then eventually moving to Australia.

In 2009, Charlotte headed to the state championships in Tamworth, NSW and competed Come to Me, owned by Lady Clarke. Winning the International Eleven Championships, she received her highest score for GPF with a 69%!

Teaching is something Charlotte thrives on and she can be seen at her property or around Victoria teaching dressage riders of all abilities, to raise their game and enjoy the sport to their fullest potential. Some of her students end up competing at the top levels alongside her too and it gives Charlotte a sense of achievement, she says, to be surrounded by people that she helped get to where they are.

Charlotte Pederson

Charlotte Says

“I like a saddle to feel as if you have had the saddle forever, even if it is brand new. It should feel comfortable straight away. That is what Peter’s saddle felt like straight away. I also like that he could fit the saddle to the horse – I had never had that before.”

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