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Nicole Zijlstra

My name is Nicole Zijlstra born in the Netherlands, currently calling Mexico my home. I started riding at the age of 6. Training young horses and brood mares in the lower levels Dressage.

At age 19 I went to Australia to live for 6 months with Peter Horobin's family. Helping with the racehorses and living at their beautiful farm, was my inspiration, for later on in life, to design and build my own house and equestrian facility in Mexico. In 2006 I started my own business as a trainer and teacher, rescuing abused horses, training them up the levels in Dressage, so they were suitable for children to learn to ride.

With my rescue horse Vaquero (still with me, age 29 ) I competed in my first International show at FEI advanced level and won a 6th place in 2005. Our current horses are imported Warmbloods from the Netherlands and we are competing successfully at the Mexican Dressage circuit at National level. Two years ago I imported my current competition horse Benji. Our biggest achievement so far is winning the Mexican National Championships at 3rd level professionals in 2017. This year we hope for the same title in 4th level. Our goal is to start a small tour level next year, in 2019.

Nicole Says

"I'm very happy with my new Peter Horobin saddle, and Benji is also super happy with it. It is like getting used to a new horse with bigger gaits. Now I have to work on my seat to keep following his bigger trot!"

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