Paddy Young

Paddy Young

An Irishman living in the land of opportunity, originated from a small town called Banbridge in Northern Ireland, and with his family they now call the rolling hills of the American heartland home. With a reputation of having a big heart and un-waiverable spirit, those who whisper Paddy's name call him a true champion.

Starting out at young age, Paddy met many a hurdles in life and with a break from riding altogether, it wasn't until he was 27 years old that he decided to try the American market. Facing each season with the emotional and physical challenges every professional athlete must endure, at the age of 40, he is not quite ready to hang up those lovely stridefree breeches he has been gallivanting about it in during his last season.

With Paddy enjoying every ride in his StrideFree®, he is a true inspiration to jockeys worldwide.

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Paddy Says

“StrideFree® is relatively new to me but I researched the product so I could understand it and it's everything it says it is. With every horse discipline, you need the horse to be comfortable and unrestricted, and in my opinion that's what these saddles offer so I'm behind them, 100%”

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