Environmental Impact

By using 100% leather, which is tanned in the most sustainable and ethical manner, from renowned and award winning tanneries in Europe, we educate on the care taken when riding to increase the longevity of the leather used on our saddles. We constantly audit our supply chain to ensure that the saddles and accessories we are making are of the highest quality and we take full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our raw materials, ensuring that we use them and manufacture in the utmost ethical way.

Resource Use

We continue to strive to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact within our manufacturing and office output - from recycling to energy saving, alongside minimising wastage using economical methods. We also focus on leather care as a preventative over cure for leather longevity

Pre-Loved Peter Horobin Saddles

We are on a mission to change people’s relationships with their saddles. Second hand Peter Horobin Saddles are sought after commodities and as a company, we encourage the purchase and the service of our pre-loved brand. Through repair and re-purposing, saddle repairs have no shelf life. Peter Horobin saddles, no matter the age, can be refurbished and repaired in our workshop, both aesthetically and to fit the horse.

Supply Chain

Peter Horobin Saddlery travel the globe in search of the best leathers and fittings for our saddles and accessories. When the best isn’t good enough to meet the need, we work closely with our suppliers to develop and design new leathers and fittings to be used in our manufacturing processes.

Horobin Chain