Working with such an amazing product like leather allows us to test our boundaries with creativity.

The wonderful aspect of working with leather is that if you are creative you can do anything with it. Peter was asked by one of Melbourne's highly respected architects Robert Mills to make leather door handles for a project called the 'Ocean House' in Lorne, Vctoria. The door handles were carefully measured, cut and stitched by hand to suit all 30 pieces of furniture & swinging doors in this incredible piece of architecture.

This intricate work requires patience and the desire for perfection. Peter designs all of his own patterns for his saddles or any other project from scratch. Similar to a garment all pieces must fit together exactly for the item to become complete, otherwise it will be off balance and won't fit into the perfect shape you need it to be.

The majority of the staff at PHS have had careers in tailor making, knife cutting, shoe making and other proffesions that require the ability of using patterns and a machine to complete their work.

Robert Mills Ocean House