Custom Made vs. Bespoke

At PHS, there are three main services in saddle creation open to you. These include; Tailor-Made, Custom-Made and Bespoke. Whichever service you choose, your saddle will be fitted to suit both horse and rider. A saddle fitting appointment will be made with one of our saddle fitters or Peter himself. If you are in Australia please call head office on (03) 59751055. If you are located elsewhere please visit our stockist map. The benefit of a PH saddle is that it can be adjusted as many times as you would like by one of our PH representatives on site or for Australian clients in our workshop in Mornington, Victoria.

  • Tailor-Made — Saddles that we are having made up which are at their final stage of completion. Your new PH saddle can be fitted on site to your horse’s measurements. With our PH truck we can send you Enjoy trialing a Peter Horobin and having the saddle fitted on the day of purchase.
  • Custom Made — We also specialise in custom made saddles for riders who may need additional requirements ie; shorter flaps for their leg length or perhaps shorter panels to meet the requirements of the horse’s limited saddle support area. To custom make a saddle, it will take anywhere between 5-8 weeks. The saddle fit will be conducted by one of the team at PHS or if we are unable to measure up on site an easy to use saddle fitting kit will be sent to you via mail. This is currently our most popular choice of service, as there is a minimal wait time with your saddle is made to measure to your requirements.
  • Bespoke — A complete bespoke experience, custom made but taking it to the next level. Your saddle will be created with your specific choice of coloured stitching, piping and leather. These saddles can take 8-12 weeks to create, but your saddle will be one of a kind- unlike any other. All features are additional and will be quoted on request. Our most challenging saddle created has so far been an ostrich skin saddle with 18 carat gold fixtures and mother of pearl head nails. For examples of what you can create with our bespoke service, please call our office and discuss more about what you want from the aesthetics of your saddle.

Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy friendly, professional service from start to finish.

Horobin Custom Made