Saddle Engineering

It is a fine balance when designing a saddle to ensure that it is not only beautiful to look at and ride in but it has the features to ensure fits correctly on the horse providing unity between horse and rider. PHS design saddles that suit the biomechanics of the horse.

The Amazone Saddle


A saddle solely designed with the focus not only on equine back health but the importance ofpain free riding for women. For decades women have ridden in saddles designed purely for males; incorrect posture and position, balance issues, crotch discomfort and back pain have been the result.

The PH Amazone now offers women the opportunity to ride in a saddle designed specifically for their pelvic anatomy, freeing them from pain and discomfort and allowing them to ride in perfect harmony. Commonly saddles are constructed to be wide in the crotch area and narrow in the seat to suit a male pelvis however, the PH Amazone has taken the reverse approach being designed to be narrow in the crotch area and wider in the seat. The narrow twist of the Amazone ensures that the rider does not feel like their legs or hips are being ‘pulled apart’ and the wider seat width provides ample room for a woman’s seat bones to sit easily into the saddle seat.

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Women have a longer upper leg to lower leg ratio than that of a male, to accommodate for this the Amazone features longer stirrup bars that are set further back to allow the leg to hang in the correct shoulder, hip, and heel line. This ensures that the knee does not protrude over the front of the saddle flap, eliminating the risk of ‘chair seat’ position which can cause slipped discs and long term back damage to the rider.

The PH Amazone has been designed to have a cutaway tree under the crotch area, with only soft foam and leather filling this region of the saddle. This crotch comfort technology ensures that the pubic symphysis or first point of contact when a woman sits in a saddle is protected from the hard tree, allowing her to sit comfortably and freely.

Recently redesigned in 2014, the Amazone is now built on the Adaptree making it adjustable both in the angle and width which is an important feature when seeking total freedom of the horses’ shoulders. Long, swept back tree points are also incorporated into the Adaptree, protecting the cartilage capping of the scapula and eliminating pressure points that can dig in behind the horses’ shoulder blades.

The PH Amazone is a world leader in comfort for both horse and rider making it a popular choice for endurance riders and its sophisticated, close contact design and elegant stitching make it perfect for the competitive dressage arena.

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