Saddle Repair

Peter Horobin Saddlery completes repairs on all brands of saddles. If you require a repair for your saddle or would like a quote, please get in contact before sending your saddle to us, as it is important to book it in to ensure a quick turnaround once you saddle arrives.

Repairs include:

  • Replacing the regular or dressage length girth points
  • Adjusting the flocking (the wool stuffing in the saddle panels)
  • Re-stitching or lacing in the pommel or cantle
  • Replacing leather/foam of seats and knee pads
  • Tree repair/replacement
  • Gullet changes

For all repairs to PHS saddles, online saddle fitting kits are free of charge. For all other makes and models, please note that an online fitting form fee of $49.95 applies.

If you would like to have your saddle fitted to a new horse or you think your horse has changed shape and you would like a fitting to evaluate your saddle, please call our office to arrange a personal saddle fitting appointment.

**Please note: Miscellaneous repairs on your saddle will be quoted once the saddle has been seen by one of our team. Not all repairs can be quoted over the phone.

**Please do not send your saddle down without notifying Peter Horobin Saddlery first.

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