Peter Horobin completed his saddle apprenticeship at one of the oldest saddleries in Germany. After returning to Australia in 1980, Peter and his wife Julie started Peter Horobin Saddlery which is located in a picturesque coastal town of Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.

Peter started his equine career as a jockey in Germany following the footsteps of his father Keith, who was also a jockey. Peter eventually became too tall to ride as a jockey reaching over 6ft in height, so that’s when he turned his attention to saddle making.

Peter has since established himself as one of Australia’s finest saddler’s operating in business for over 35 years, growing a very large and loyal customer base in Australia. Initially making saddles for the dressage and show jumping industry, Peter then expanded his range to include race saddles.

Peter And Keith Horobin

Now a second generation family business with Peter and Julie’s children also a part of the family business, Peter Horobin Saddlery continues to go from strength to strength in growing the PHS and StrideFree® brand throughout the world. This includes our expanding team of International representatives and their own growing team of PHS Certified Saddle Fitters.

Peter Horobin Saddlery pride themselves in operating their business with family values at the core whilst continually evolving with the latest research and technology to improve their products and service and ultimately the wellbeing of the horse.