Skill, Professionalism and Some Beautiful Austrian Culture. Say Hello to Our European Representative for Peter Horobin Equestrian Saddles.

Austria might seem like a long way from here, but it did not stop Kriemhild Morgenroth, our fabulous Austrian representative for PH Saddles making the long journey to come and visit Peter and family, to learn more from the Master Saddler and to share her experiences and ideas as a rider, instructor and advocate StrideFree® saddles. Kriemhild has a rich background in the world of dressage and her passion for horses and equine biomechanics has transformed her life as she now works as a riding instructor, saddle fitter and teacher to budding PH Saddle fitters, not to mention a professional rider!

Kriemhild has been passionate about horses and riding since the age of six. Studying at the German School of Riding, she passed with Distinction and went on to work alongside some of Germany’s biggest names in the Dressage world, including Fritz Tempelmann- a man considered to be one of the finest Dressage trainers in the world. Kriemhild also went on to become a riding instructor and went on to help build the first riding school ever to be built in Kenya, East Africa. During her teaching, however, she was frequently bombarded with the problem of poorly fitting saddles and the problems they caused horses in performance, not only for the horse, but for the rider too.

In 2015, Kriemhild first met Peter Horobin- a man who understood these problems and who has spent the last thirty years developing ways to combat poorly fitting saddles and biomechanical issues those saddles cause in horses. Through like-minded collaboration with professionals worldwide, Peter has created the StrideFree® brand- beautifully crafted saddles with a specifically designed tree to help prevent loss of motion, promoting freedom of stride and the prevention of injury and restriction to the horse’s scapula (cartilage at the top of the shoulder). Kriemhild saw this invention and could not wait to learn more about the StrideFree® brand and the benefits to horses in all disciplines.

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During a very successful visit, Kriemhild met some amazing people here in Australia and learnt all about the values that Peter Horobin Saddlery upholds. After working with Peter, Julie and all the team here at PHS, Kriemhild has gone way with a determination to help people and horses alike. As an instructor in Austria and Germany, England and Italy, she has adopted our principles and saddle fitting methods and is able to assist people in Europe with fitting new saddles, or repair ill-fitting saddles for those people whose horses may be showing signs of pain or restriction in their movement.

Most importantly, Kriemhild now sells beautiful Peter Horobin Saddles. She has formed a strong confidence and belief in the ground breaking tree with rounded edges and no protruding tree points, strong, flexible synthetic tree and a steel gullet plate which can be adjusted and adapted on site by any good saddle sizer. Kriemhild has already been able to see first-hand, the positive affect the StrideFree® tree has had, not only on the horse’s freedom of movement, increasing their stride and range of motion.

From a StrideFree® Geneva (Dressage), to A StrideFree® Melbourne, (jump) and everything in between, contact Kriemhild for help and information about PHS or to find out how she can help you. Her expertise and knowledge of saddle fitting learnt from Peter Horobin, along with her passion and education about equine biomechanics means that you will receive the highest quality Peter Horobin products, along with an exceptional standard of attention and aftercare to ensure that both you and your horse are happy and comfortable.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new saddle or you need help to fit an older saddle properly, call Kriemhild Morgenroth today and see how she can help and advise you and put you and your horse on the road to a better, happier, pain free existence. Why not try our saddles….Why not StrideFree®.

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We would like to extend a very special thank you to Felicity and Elizabeth Wischer, who allowed us to visit at their home to try the beautiful new StrideFree® Melbourne saddle on their gorgeous up and coming young event horse, Wyuna Take A Chance. Please keep an eye out for Elizabeth and this stunning horse in the very near future.