The Beginning

Keith Horobin, Peter's Father, was a flat race jockey from NSW. At the age of 24, he became too heavy to ride and reluctantly had no choice but to change his career.

Not long after starting in the mines south of Sydney, Keith had a life changing accident, leaving him with a broken neck, back and bed ridden for 3 months. Although it was a difficult time, it left him with a 'live life to the fullest' attitude. On his recovery, he and wife Kathy, (both at the age of 24) along with their 4 children under 10 years old, climbed aboard the ex World War 2 Greek ship the 'Patronus' and headed to Europe to live a new life.

With the ability to ride a little heavier in races in Europe and the popularity of hurdle races on the rise, Keith climbed back on board and started winning rides and winning races. His greatest achievement was winning the Grand National Steeple Chase.

With the racing game now in Peter's heritage, he too became an apprentice jockey. Peter won over 50 races as an apprentice. Reaching the height of 6'1 he quickly became too heavy to ride, so he concentrated on saddlery manufacturing. On his return to Australia, Peter continued to ride well into his late 30's, joining the showjumping circuit and then later on riding track work and owning race horses.

Peter And Keith Horobin