Style & Design

Designing has always been a passion for Peter and designing with the horse’s well-fare in mind is even more of a drive to create unique and cutting edge designed saddles for the racing industry.

Following the educational and anatomical route of saddles and fitting with the purpose of equine back health, Peter is now designing for the 21st century jockey with high end materials at an affordable price.

Both the training and the racing saddles follow the same philosophy of saddle fit and fit the horse to create a harmony between jockey and horse. The horse should feel comfortable when racing and training, if the horse is happy then they will try harder, train and race with more freedom in the shoulder which can lead to better performance. Whilst having a saddle that does not cause pain in the horse’s shoulders and back you are also preventing the horse from long term damage and therefore avoiding additional treatments that may incur from a sore backed horse.


Racing Saddles

Focusing on race saddles 350g to 2kg and upwards, each saddle is made from top quality materials that have been tested for durability. All saddles are made with black patent with leather with option of different coloured piping. The weights of the saddles start at 350g and range up 2kg. The underside of the saddle features non slip closed cell foam which enables you to use the saddle with minimal padding. Girth straps are readily available for easy replacement so you will never be without your saddle.

The StrideFree® tree is a full tree, which is extremely flexible and allows the saddle to shape to the horse's back movements. It is a fact that a horse's stride length will only stretch as far as the horse's nose. The StrideFree® race saddle is designed to give the ultimate comfort to allow the horse to use it's full length of stride.

Sf Saddle

Training Saddles

The StrideFree® training saddles come in three different designs, StrideFree® Original, StrideFree® Deluxe and StrideFree® US style incorporating the same patent design StrideFree®TM tree. The 3/4 flexible synthetic tree (lifetime warranty) instead of having tree points which dig into the horse's scapula/trapezius muscle it features a curved edge with a larger load bearing surface.

The StrideFree® original is made with durable black cow hide leather with white stitching. The seat is soft and the saddle sits close to the horse.

The StrideFree® deluxe has some extra features such as reinforced saddle flaps for wearing of the stirrup leathers, extra soft padded seat and leather lined panel. The front and the back of the saddle are finished in white patent leather.

The StrideFree® training girth is ergonomically shaped to increase comfort for the horse. It allows freedom under the elbow and increased comfort on the sternum. Following the equestrian design the girth has two strong double elastic with stainless steel roller buckles, which allow flexion and movement when the horse expands its lungs. The design also allows the ability not to use a surcingle for extra support (please check your states racing rules regarding use of surcingles.