Technology & Innovation

Peter has been making training and racing saddles for the racing industry in Australia and overseas since 1985.

Being the back bone of Peter Horobin Saddlery, Peter then chose to focus his skills on the equestrian industry. 35 years later with the constant willingness to learn from equine professionals from all over the world, Peter's success in the equestrian industry has led him to think deeper into saddle and horse movement for the racing industry. As you will read in Dr Joanna Robson's article, the structure of the saddle tree and the materials used are extremely important for the benefit of the horse's back.

Many jockeys and trainers have seen the difference StrideFree® can make to their horse's movement.

Training Saddles

The StrideFree®™ tree is a patent design 3/4 flexible synthetic tree. Sold with a lifetime warranty this revolutionary design replaces the idea of having a steel half tree or a full tree, which both of these type of trees have points that can dig into the horse's scapula/trapezius muscle. The saddle features a curved edge with a larger load bearing surface. It provides the horse with maximum shoulder freedom movement. The elongated tree, extending along the horses back, clears the spinal processes and moves and flexes when the horse strides forward.

The features of the actual design incorporate
  • The channel allows spinal clearance
  • The channel of the saddle allows flexibility as the horse strides
  • The design of the tree allows freedom of the shoulder


Race Saddles

Focusing on race saddles 350g to 2kg and upwards, each saddle is made from top quality materials that have been tested for durability. All saddles are made with black patent with leather with option of different coloured piping.. The weights of the saddles start at 350g and range up 2kg. The underside of the saddle features non slip closed cell foam which enables you to use the saddle with minimal padding. Girth straps are readily available for easy replacement so you will never be without your saddle.

The StrideFree® tree is a full tree, which is extremely flexible and allows the saddle to shape to the horse's back movements. It is a fact that a horse's stride length will only stretch as far as the horse's nose. The StrideFree® race saddle is designed to give the ultimate comfort to allow the horse to use it's full length of stride.


Personalisation is also available with your name on the saddle, for presentation we advise to have your first initial followed by your last name. This is an additional cost and can be easily arranged.