My beautiful mare Akilia is quite a sensitive diva and this has seen us travel along a rocky road of poorly fitting saddles and endless osteopathy appointments until we finally found the services of Peter Horobin Saddlery who could adjust my schleese saddle. Life was so much better after that and when we moved from Germany to Sydney a couple of years ago, I was thrilled to find that Peter and Rhys offer a “send-in” saddle fitting service. They modify the saddle based on a series of detailed images of horse, saddle and rider.

Akilia reacts very sensitively to a badly fitting saddle, and will simply not work for me unless the fit is optimal. I have therefore used the send-in service a number of times now and I am really impressed with the good eye and excellent work of the Horobins, topped only by the fast turnaround times. My mare is a happy horse again and it is really her who gives the testimonial here.