Yesterday Peter came and fitted a PH Liberty I had made for her Sire last year who is now retired. I couldn’t believe my eyes how much she changed in just the first ride in her new saddle! WOW! She was free through the shoulder, was able to use her front legs for reach like never before and her back came up and under Lil with such power and grace for a green horse. Not only that her trot and canter slowed right down (no more slightly rushed and shuffly) and she had moments of suspension that I would expect to see in a much more mature horse. Needless to say I am absolutely delighted. We always felt this baby was special but we can’t believe how much she improved in just one ride in her new PH liberty saddle! Not only that Lil’s position improved dramatically – she was still and secure and was able to use her seat and legs effectively now being in a correct position in the saddle.
— Felicity Wilscher