I saw the video Peter Horobin demonstrate about StrideFree® and i was a little sceptic and thought it was a little wild if he was right, but i contacted Stine and told her i would like to try it out on my horse who had major shoulder problems and needed chiropractor once a week, so i tried it out for a half an hour and immediately i could feel the difference, he was much more free, he moved so relaxed and stretched perfectly out when i asked him to speed, i could really feel the difference on him while training, so I gave it a shot -and now i would NEVER EVER buy another saddle... After i received the saddle his shoulder started hurting less and less, at last i didn't need the chiropractor anymore, and I'm so happy and grateful - and so is my horse. Karoline Østergaard. Du kan købe Stride Free hos

Karoline Østergaard, som rider Montéløb i Skandinavien, viser sine nye stride free løbsfarver og stride free sadel frem! Det ser fantastisk godt ud, Karoline, -vi ønsker dig al mulig held og lykke, og glæder os til at følge dig på banerne. Du kan købe Stride Free hos www.Sadelmageriet.dk