I received my brand new PH Liberty saddle recently and would like to thank you and your staff for the professional service, workmanship and prompt delivery of my saddle. I am very pleased and happy with my new saddle. It's a perfect fit on my horse, and he is a very difficult horse to saddle fit due to his high wither a low croup. He seems very comfortable and happy to work in the saddle. The workmanship, materials and saddle design and is of the highest quality. I like the thought behind the design including the shoulder cut out to reduce interference with the horses shoulder, the ability to attach the stirrups onto of or under the upper saddle flap and the ability to hold the flap down with the girth. The seat is very comfortable as well.

My coach, Linda Treur, is very impressed with my PH Liberty. She was impressed with how well the saddle fit the horse, the cut away shoulder design and quality of the saddle workmanship.

And the saddle is so comfortable to ride in. My legs are placed in the correct position and don't move. I am placed in a very balanced and correct position.

Thank you again, I am so very pleased that I ordered a PH Liberty, the saddle is worth every cent.

— Sonja Risa