17 February 2017

A StrideFree Education - with Peter Horobin Saddlery and the Victorian Racing Academy.

A StrideFree Education - with Peter Horobin Saddlery and the Victorian Racing Academy.

StrideFree and The Victorian Racing Academy.

December 12th – 16th 2016 saw the first ever Victorian Racing Academy Camp. Pupils were enrolled to study the Track Rider Skills Course – a mix of class room learning and practical hands on riding for young up and coming track riders looking for an inspiring introduction to the Racing industry.

A couple of the students riding in their StrideFreesaddles feeling comfortable and learning the ropes.

Students spent the week revising riding skills and having a go cantering and even trying out some pace work by the end of the week! Learning track rider skills and techniques, they were also given a behind the scenes tour of a race meeting and had industry professionals, like Peter Horobin, come down and talk to them to show the ins and outs of the Racing industry.

Peter Horobin and the StrideFree team headed on down to Coolart Road to meet the pupils and show them how to fit saddles, as well as the anatomy of the horse, which must be protected by using properly fitting track exercise saddles and race saddles.Peter was able to show the effects of ill-fitting saddles on both equestrian and racehorses.

Peter - demonstrating the way a half tree sits and impedes on the horse's muscle groups and scapula.

He showed the all-important scapula and the trapezius muscle, which are key features to the movement of any horse. Showing the students the important areas of the horse’s back demonstrated to them the importance of saddle fit and using the correct saddle to help protect the horse and to create a freedom for the horse to move and stride out to the best of its ability. This is important, as it helps you achieve that extra 1% against your competitors and the students were really keen to see the difference that a good saddle makes over an average or ‘cheap’ saddle.

The Victorian Academy also uses only StrideFree track exercise saddles. Course director Lisa Coffey was delighted to be able to use the saddles which are so comfortable and so good for the horses back too.

More courses from the academy are coming up, with the Track Rider Skills Course on again in April from the 3rd-7th and the 10th-14th. Lisa will also be taking candidates for the Jump Racing Training course which begins March 21st. The academy also provides sessions in between work hours for those pupils working towards their Certificate III Racing (track rider). From March, students can arrange lessons on a pay per session basis – much like riding lessons work. You can call, book for an hour and learn about the skills you need. Students can also enrol in Jumps schooling. Those wanting to have the skills to school for their trainer or those who wish to become a jockey later down the track will be taught the necessary attributes a jumps rider needs.

Plenty is happening at the Victorian Racing Academy this year! With StrideFree in partnership, the academy is moulding a whole new breed of riders in the racing industry. Well equipped with excellent skills taught by Lisa and industry professionals and shown how saddle fit will always be an important part of a horse’s performance and well-being, the students of the Victorian Racing Academy are striding through 2017 heading towards a better, more skilled future in the Victorian Racing industry.


Peter Horobin is available throughout 2017 to give lectures and educational instruction about saddle fitting and more. We can cater packages to suit your industry needs. Call Marlee Horobin on 0418991303 or email marlee@horobin.com.au for more information.