2 March 2015

A Visit to EJ Wicks Saddlery and Morning Track Work

A Visit to EJ Wicks Saddlery and Morning Track Work

A fresh 5 degrees was the start of an eventful morning for Peter and the StrideFree team. Warmly welcomed by Phil Middleton & Clive Cox in Lambourn England, the boys took to helping out by working some horses in some StrideFree saddles.

The morning followed by a lunch time visit to EJ Wicks Saddlery, established in 1905. It was great to meet Richard and the team who sell StrideFree.

We look forward to working alongside our stockists to help promote these great saddles in England.

So far an eventful and exciting start to BETA International!

This horse is called Tails of Milan, entered the grand national and won his last start at Sandown, 40000 pounds to the winner.

Peter on the left, Phil Middleton (owner trainer) and Erich from Equitrade riding in StrideFree.

Peter putting his presentation skills into work and explaining the concept of StrideFree

Valley of the racehorse.

EJ Wicks Saddlery established 1905.

Warming up in the arena before heading outside.

Peter with Trainer Clive Cox who currently has 120 flat horses. (On John Frankonme's ) property. John was a famous jockey and author of many books. Clive bought two Stride Free saddles and loves the concept and will slowly replace his old saddles with Stride Free.

Peter riding track work.