9 February 2017

Abbie O'Brien - A Promising Individual

Abbie O'Brien - A Promising Individual

Abbie O'brien caught my eye, not only because of her achievements as a young rider, but because of the type of person she is; strong, hard working and independent. For a 21 year old climbing the dressage ranks as a serious competitor, many challenges are faced, these can be both physical and mental and Abbie seems to be taking every step & challenge gracefully in her stride.

Abbie owns a PH Liberty and discussed just why she loves it so much!

What do you like about the PH Liberty?

"How well it fits my horse! As a young horse Rajah was very cold backed and prior to thePH Liberty I never risked getting on him before lunging him. He is very settled in his PH Liberty and the cold backed issues have disappeared."

Abbie competes with her horse Rajah in he PH Libertysaddle. Find out more about Abbie here; http://bit.ly/2lququh