4 October 2016

An iconic bespoke Saddler in Australia

An iconic bespoke Saddler in Australia

WORDS: Manon Strachan
If Peter Horobin were a breed of horse, he would be classified as 'extremely rare'. 'Rare', because he is one of only a handful of Saddlers left who design and manufacture their own bespoke range of saddles in Australia.

It was the 1970s, and Peter’s father Keith was a very successful flat race and jumps jockey in Australia. After a devastating fall that saw Keith break his neck, the family decided to relocate Peter and his three younger siblings to Hanover, Germany, so that Keith could recuperate.

While based in Hanover, Peter started his jockey apprenticeship at age 15. He spent his young adult years travelling and riding through England, Germany, and France. He won over 50 races and was classed as Germany’s top amateur rider.

In Germany Peter also started an apprenticeship of another sort at one of the world’s largest and oldest Master Saddlers at the time - Passier. He was a mere 16 years old and had the world at his feet.