26 February 2015

Canberra Royal — Saddlefit with Rhys Horobin

Canberra Royal — Saddlefit with Rhys Horobin

Chantelle and Rhys took to the road for the annual trip to the Canberra Royal Show. As always, a pre show saddle fit day was organised at Jeir Park and they were warmly welcomed by our friend Anne Riley.

Rhys has been working in the saddlery since 2006 and is now flying solo on saddlefitting trips..

He has a good eye for saddle fit and a steady hand for alterations and he will be getting out on the road more often to help horses and riders recognise when their saddle is not fitting correctly.

A saddlefit with PHS includes an 80 point diagnostic check list which is then transferred to an accurate image of the horse's shoulder and wither measurements. We also provide expert advice on ALL brands of saddles and provide you with an honest, transparent and educated opinion on what action you are able to take moving forward to improve your horse's equine back health.

Where applicable we have a state of the art horseshape. An infared camera which takes 3D images of the horse's back shape and transfers them into detailed measurements compatiable for us to use when making a saddle custom made to suit the horse.

To see where Rhys or Peter will be saddle fitting in the future visit our website's travel diary for more information.