25 March 2015

Cheltenham Stables Cambrage, New Zealand

Cheltenham Stables Cambrage, New Zealand

When it comes to a topic Peter is passionate about, it has to be horse racing! Anything to do with the racing industry Peter is up out of bed and having a early morning chat at the track.

This morning was no different. A mild morning with a constant drizzle of rain, we were out of bed and off to a pre training stable to meet a couple who are well renowned for their high standard of pre training in both the equestrian and racing industry.

StrideFree owners John and Rachel Malcolm are located in the hills of Cambridge up in the North Island of New Zealand, the nature of their work is gentle and interesting for the young ones and by watching them work, we could see why there is a long list of successful and winning horses who have been raised by their training methods.

Training for some of Australia's top trainers including Chris Waller Racing, John happily explained some of their training programs.

A lot of hill work through the paddocks, these young horses get to see sheep, cows and anything else that flights across their path. It keeps it interesting for them and the horses have the opportunity to learn, become strong, extremely fit and sensible.

With the fresh green grass at the moment and the poplar trees losing their leaves, it was pretty inspiring to see such a beautiful landscape being a home to many young horses.

The StrideFree saddle John rides in, he says feels comfortable and secure, it is also so great to meet a passionate team who support and believe in the benefit of StrideFree and understand the importance of equine back health through saddlefit

We look forward to seeing Rachel and John in the future and we wish them all the best of luck with their business adventures.