16 February 2017

Customer Appraisals - Judy Mackenzie and her boy Blu.

Customer Appraisals - Judy Mackenzie and her boy Blu.

Hearing from our customers about how they are getting on with their beautiful PH saddles makes the job entirely worthwhile. Thank you to Judy for taking the time to get in touch with us and let us know how she is getting on!

"Dear Peter – it’s Judy Mackenzie here from Mount Macedon. You kindly delivered our lovely new GP saddle to us just before Christmas.

It is a joy to ride in and I am so happy with it.

Thank you so much, not only for making the saddle for us, but for delivering it and checking the fit on the spot as well. I have followed your cleaning and careinstructions to the letter and the saddle is so soft and lovely. I feel incredibly fortunate to have it.

I had not ridden in competition since my pony club days (37 years ago) and my horse Nastro Blu (Blu) has just turned 9, is an ex-racehorse who has not been out much and has never competed. We headed to Smythesdale on the weekend for the Ballarat and then Smythesdale Dressage Days and were so happy with how we went. Plenty of room for improvement but so great to be out and about and such a pleasure to be able to do so in our PH saddle.

Thank you from Blu and I.

With warmest wishes and many thanks, Judy."