16 March 2017

Jorg Van Den Akker assistant trainer to Tristan Tucker talks energy and movement.

Jorg Van Den Akker assistant trainer to Tristan Tucker talks energy and movement.

Tristan Tucker and the TRT method is famous throughout the world for creating relaxed and happy horses in various different environments. His methods improve the communication between horse and rider and the results are proven by the dedicated followers and testimonials whispered amongst riders. For us the observation of the successful training was seen not only in every horses behaviour who were living in the stables but with the calm which we noticed in their eyes.

With millions of subscribers, it is fantastic to see a fellow Aussie working hard to build a community of riders who are learning more about the connection between horse and rider before a competition. The aim is to start preparing for a competition together before even arriving at the event. Tristan teachings are harmonious and can only improve the horses' mind, soul, spirit and overall athleticism.

As quoted in the article written by Euro Dressage. Tristan exposes the horses in the ground work to certain objects and tries to influence the horse to take a relaxed physical action in the presence of the scary object with elements of pressure that involve movement, touch and sound. All the elements he says influence the horse the most in a competition environment.

“With my method, I try to make a bridge between groundwork and dressage to give horses the best
chance to perform with confidence, and my riders to ride without stress.”

"I find horses learn through body language and on the ground they can see all of my body and I can see all of them and it is a way the horse can learn without the distraction or added pressure of the rider."

Tristan says his aim is to not desensitise the horses and make them quiet but to teach the horse a technique or concept that is useful to them in knowing how to control and relax themselves in moments and situations that would naturally cause tension in the horse.

Join Marlee Horobin, as she introduces the team at TRT with a focus on the StrideFree Geneva Monoflap in which the team at TRT are riding. Assistant trainer Jorg Van Den Akker has a horse called BOB who with one of the most unusual shaped backs in September last year Peter was able to fit a StrideFree Geneva Monoflap to him.

Since then, with a few months worth of work and Bob's development due to Jorg's dedication and the saddle assisting in this process; it was now time for an adjustment. Peter, with his easy onsite gullet machine and repacking of the wool was able to provide Jorg with the correct saddle fit he required for the horse to feel happy and more forward.

We look forward to continuing to servicing Jorg's saddle to BOB, following his journey and his forever changing energy, composition and adjusting the saddle to suit along the way.

Discover the movement with Jorg and his thoughts on StrideFree..