5 September 2016

Stride Free in Hong Kong

Stride Free in Hong Kong

Stride Free saddles are quickly making their way all across the world for a good reason- the benefits to equine bio-mechanics and back health are remarkable and immeasurable. These advantages are, most recently, being felt in Hong Kong, where track rider Troy Schmetzer rests his hat.

Speaking to Troy recently after using a Stride Free Deluxe for over a month puts into perspective the difference the saddles make.

Currently riding in HK for trainers Fransis Lui and Gary Ng, Troy has spent a lifetime riding and training racehorses and travelling the world. Born into racing, he is fourth generation racing royalty, with brother Mark Schmetzer also currently training at his base in Tamworth.

Having ridden all over the world- America, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and now Hong Kong- Troy has ridden for major trainers, particularly here in Australia, having been an integral part of the team for the likes of Anthony Cummings, Gai Waterhouse and Peter Snowden.

Since purchasing a Stride Free Deluxe from Peter Horobin Saddlery, Troy has noticed a remarkable difference in the way the horses move. “The Stride Free Deluxe is a great saddle to ride in because it doesn’t move. It enables the horses to take a longer, more fluent stride so they can sprint better when required to”. So many riders and trainers in Australia feel the same way as Troy when he says, “I wouldn’t ride in any other saddle and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone in the world to use”.

Stride Free is a brand distinguished for being bio-mechanically friendly for the horse, allowing freedom of stride and comfort and protection of the horse’s muscles and joints. Recommended by chiropractors, trainers, jockeys and track work riders alike, it is a saddle helping horses achieve their maximum stride the world over, making an enormous difference on and off the track.

‘It helps the horses stride more efficiently, allowing them to lengthen further. They feel more comfortable and much happier than before. It is also comfy for the rider too. The saddle puts you in a more forward position so you do’t put any unnecessary weight on the horse’s back and key point is- it just doesn’t move’.

We would like to thank Troy for talking to us about his experience with Stride Free in Hong Kong and are happy to hear that it is making such a difference to his daily routine.

Stride Free…. A Stride Unlike Any Other.