13 July 2015

Stride Free in Japan

Stride Free in Japan

It was a magical sight to see Mount Fuji in the background during our first saddle fitting trip to Japan. Terry Sakai has been such an amazing host. A highly respected Japanese equestrian, Terry has been watching our brand for many years and we have been recently working behind the scenes together to prepare our venture into the Japanese market.

Japanese culture rich in history and tradition, we must prepare, research and prepare again, to respect different ways of life and we are so excited to bundle up PHS saddle fitting services, philosophies and products, wrap them up with the finest packaging and venture across the vast ocean into an amazing country like Japan.

Doing business in Japan, first of all means to build strong relationships and trust. We are so thankful to have friends like Terry working with us and are very thankful for the effort he has gone to organise Peter's daily activities. He has also probably learnt Peter's lectures down to perfection whilst presenting his daily translations. We would also like to thank the many stables and owners who have given us the opportunity to show them how important it is to have correctly fitting saddles. We even look forward to our first article in a Japanese Horse publication about Peter and our saddles.

Long days of humidity, up to 4 hours driving between stables and language barriers combined with fresh sushi and a cold beer at the end of the day (or should we say early hours of the morning) have definitely been bitter sweet.

A mixture of racing & equestrian stables, we have explained features of the PH Amazone & the benefits of StrideFree. The features of our saddles and the importance of saddle fit.

First impressions are invaluable to the Japanese people, trust and formality are essential and as a new concept to the riders of Japan we have been overwhelmed with the response making us feel so welcome and very excited about this next chapter.

We are so looking forward to learning so much from the Japanese so we can slowly blend elements of their culture into our forever evolving brand, allowing ourselves to venture further into craftsmanship, design and quality saddles more so than ever before!