25 January 2017

StrideFree in Hong Kong Update.

StrideFree in Hong Kong Update.

With all the transport we have available, dropping over to places such as Singapore and Hong Kong is nothing these days. A frequent traveller and ambassador of StrideFree, Troy Schmetzer, has made Hong Kong his home of late. When we last caught up with him, Troy had just received his brand new StrideFree Deluxe and was beginning to use it. We wanted to catch up with him now that he has used his saddle for several months, to see what he thought about the effects that the saddle has on the horses he rides.

What is it like to work and live in Hong Kong?

The horses are in work for most of the year here. They have no spelling paddocks, so their only option is to continue working all year round, which often means that the training regime is not as intensive as it is in Australia. It is incredibly hot for a large part of the year too and fairly humid, so it can be uncomfortable at times. It is more humid in Hong Kong than in Australia, but I definitely didn’t have to adapt much to the heat as the temperature is pretty similar to an Australian summer.

How are you getting on with your new StrideFree track saddle?

I love the StrideFree saddles! They are more comfortable than any of the other brands I have ridden in- for myself and the horses.

What is it about the saddles that makes the ride so comfortable?

There is absolutely no pressure on the back and shoulder so the horses have a longer, more fluent stride. It is really comfy to sit on as well. The seat is wide and is well padded so it definitely caters well to the rider as well as the horse. The saddle just makes it all round easier to ride at whatever length stirrup I need. The leather is soft and supple and gives me plenty of contact with the horse, whilst supporting me really well.

Do you find the saddle suitable for older horses, babies or is it a good all-rounder?

Good all-rounder. It is comfy and doesn’t move on the older horses, but it is actually great for riding babies. It doesn’t move whatsoever and gives the horses comfort and support which helps keep them balanced in the long run.

Is StrideFree something that you recommend to people to try?

Don’t worry about trying it, just buy it. Absolutely no regrets. I spend so much time in the saddle that it has made my work that much easier and more comfortable and the horses feel like they are relaxing and letting their stride down a lot more.

StrideFree is a brand that is becoming quite popular in Hong Kong. There is a lot of track work and race gear doing the rounds here and it isn’t hard to see why. Superior product.

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Thank you to Troy for your support with StrideFree. We are glad to see a happy customer, whose work is made that bit easier and more comfortable through the design and technology of the StrideFree saddles.

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