28 June 2015

Tasmania — Our Second Home

Tasmania — Our Second Home

Tasmania has been a regular inclusion of the PHS calendar for as long as we can remember. We also like to support Tasmania Dressage as much as we can by sponsoring the annual Dressage Championships held in Hobart every March. Regular trips by Manolo Mendez also allows us to coincide the opportunity for clients to see and ride in the Alivia

We service all of Tasmania and we won't pretend that we don't enjoy the food and wine along the way. Usually if I have the opportunity of tagging along, we do love stopping at the antique stores when we travel north to south (the truck comes in handy for that!)

Despite our appreciation for the finer things in life and our regular trips to the apple isle, when we are not around, we like to hand over the reins to Jo Pickett. Jo is a lady of many professions, but her articulate attention to detail and care ensures that no matter what task Jo takes on, she will do so with perfection!

You can book an appointment with Jo to visit your property, assess your saddle (any brand) and provide you with a diagnostic saddle fit check, where you will go home with a wealth of knowledge about your current saddle fit!

You also have the opportunity to trial most models of the PH range Jo's knowledge about our brand is second to none, (Of course because Jo has a PH Liberty, Grande and a Sieger and loves all of them!) you can have yourself and your horse measured up for a new Peter Horobin if you wish and the same service applies as if you were calling us directly!

Between all of us, we want to ensure your experience is second to none and with a saddle being made for you within 4-5 weeks we will then put you on the list for our next visit to Tasmania to assess and service your saddle.


What I enjoy most about being with horses is... The peace & calm they bring to my everyday life.

The service I provide is........

quite varied & always developing & growing. I am a professional Equine Ergonomist (saddle fitter), Barefoot hoof trimmer, Equine bodyworker performing Muscle Rehab treatments, Provide riding lessons, Horse educator (both mine & outside horses) & provide short term agistment. In a few weeks I will have my certification as an Equine Psychotherapist.

The locations I travel in Tasmania are primarily the North West, Scottsdale, Launceston & Northern Midlands areas but can travel if you are able to get a few people together.

What are the highlights you will receive from my saddle assessment? My clients are always pleasantly surprised at how much they learn from the assessment, both about their horses individual body & the considerations in fitting a saddle to that body. They learn to be able to do basic ongoing assessments so they can monitor their own saddle fit as their horse changes shape etc.

I endeavour to provide each client with a clear understanding of how the horse & rider can move together when comfortable in a fitting saddle as well as how an ill fitting saddle will impede the horses performance & affect the riders posture & ability to ride relaxed & in sync with the horse.

I enjoy working with Peter because he is so passionate about the back health of the horse & he wants to share his knowledge & experience to help all horses & riders. I am learning so much from Peter & am so thrilled to be working with such positive innovation.

If you would like to learn more about how your saddle fits/affects your horse & yourself I will be offering group sessions later in June & throughout July. I will be running these in the Westbury area but if you have friends that would like to get together the groups consist of 5 horses & a handler + yourself & your saddle. The cost is $30 per horse for a group of 5 & is approximately 1 ½ hours so is exceptional value for what you will get out of it. To find out more contact me via my facebook page