20 September 2017

Testimonial Of The Week.

Testimonial Of The Week.

Thank you Peter and Marlee Horobin and everyone else at Horobin Saddlery, I absolutely love my Amazone and would have sent a message sooner but I’d rather go riding in it! It’s got the perfect seat for me and the perfect tree for Zac!

Thank you for always being so friendly, respectful and very generous of your time even for an ordinary rider living in the middle of the Australian desert. I’m so impressed with how you fit saddles to my horse from photos alone. I don’t think Peter has ever been within 1600 km of my horse!

The Amazone allows me so much more freedom in the saddle and has really helped me rehabilitate from a back injury earlier in the year. The shoulder relief panels are great for my horse. I think he is more forward and willing, and has more jump in his canter. I’m sure I really benefit from having a well fitting, well designed saddle (no need to make it harder than it already is!). Now I know I won’t ever have to look at other saddles – it will always be an Amazone for me!

And a bit about my PH Eagle Jump… wow! I really thought I didn’t need a jump saddle given I only do tiny jumps. Since riding in my Eagle Jump Saddle I feel so much more secure and safe. Now I’m jumping bigger jumps than ever before (well, 75cm is big for me!) and really loving it! Even my non-horsey husband pointed out that the horse is probably happier now that I’m more balanced and confident.

Thanks so much,

Alison Kain

P.S. PH saddles are so beautifully crafted they are just a joy to admire each and every day! I think I’ve turned into an Art Collector!