4 March 2015

The PH Amazone — Encore

The PH Amazone — Encore

The original Amazone was one of the most popular Peter Horobin saddles ever sold and to this day, among many riders, it's name holds one's own.

Launched in the year of 2003, the Amazone was the first saddle on the market place made specifically for women. Ahead of its time, the Amazone was a solution for female rider 'complications' due to the scientific evidence that it was a lot more challenging for women to ride in a saddle than a man, due to their difference in skeletal structure.

As you can see in the image of the 'butt casts' (as Jochen Schleese author of Suffering in Silence plainly calls it!) the male (right) has two points of contact on the saddle at the seat bones, which are closer together than those of the female (left) In addition, the female pelvis has a third point of contact at the front (her pubic symphysis.)

It was a fact for centuries, saddles were made by men for men. When 90% of riders are women, there weren't any saddlers who were making a saddle which needed the features for a female rider to have an 'easier and more comfortable ride'.

The PH Amazone had its calling.

A Female pelvic relief system was a feature in the manufacturing of the saddle, which could provide the necessary features as seen below to accommodate the female rider and her points of contact. This style of seat can eradicate pain and discomfort for the rider along with the expertise we provide in saddlefit which allows female riders to ride 'pain free'.

Since the launch of the original Amazone, the model has evolved and through it all, has remained an unwavering symbol of comfort, luxury, elegance and engineering whilst having a positive impact on equine back health.

Today, we still have loyal customers who only wish to purchase a PH Amazone due to its symbolic gesture of being a saddle made specifically for women.

It’s previous success and popularity in the market place and then of course its successor, the Saddlefit4life Adaptree® in the PH Liberty, has created a loyal clientele who are either an Amazone fan or a PH Liberty fan.

“What we know now about equine back health in saddle fit, compared to what we knew 10 years ago has been an incredible advancement in the way we make saddles and fit them. I have learnt so much from highly respected equine professionals from around the world and this has inspired me to 'revamp' the Amazone saddle." PH


The Amazone tree has changed, it now features the newer Adaptree which Peter has designed. It is a lot lighter than the tree used in the PH Liberty. It is everything the original Adaptree features but is new and improved.

When it comes to aesthetics, the design is sleek, closer contact, elegant with sophisticated stitching.

“I am so excited about this saddle; to bring back a focus on lady riders and to make a saddle specifically for them and of course the design aspect of it which I love. I feel like I have raised the bar for myself with this new design and I hope that the equestrian world share the love for it as much as I do.” PH

Our aim is for women to ride ‘pain free’. The tree is developed with a super soft seat catered for the woman’s pelvic flex. Women need a saddle that allows them to sit in the correct position without feeling forced or locked in. This, alongside our expert service in saddle fitting, it is the 'boss of all female saddles'

We are also now offering the Bespoke Range, where you are able to order your saddle with complete personalisation. As seen above this Amazone had blue stitching.

The Amazone 'Encore' is for a new generation of riders and for the ladies who already know about the Amazone, who wish to ride pain free.

If you wish to find out more about female vs male anatomical differences you can purchase Jochen Schleese's book Suffering in Silence