15 May 2015

The PH General Purpose

The PH General Purpose

Whether it is for the aspiring young Pony Clubber or the mature Adult Riding Club enthusiast, the PH General Purpose is the perfect saddle for the all-round rider.

PHS’s trademark design of sophistication and luxury has once again made its mark on the General Purpose saddle. Combining comfort, support and freedom of movement, the General Purpose offers riders the complete package. With the combination of a light weight, forward cut jump design and the elegance, comfort and security of a dressage saddle the PH General Purpose provides the passionate everyday rider with the ultimate saddle to participate in all Equestrian disciplines.

Peter Horobin Saddlery prides itself on sourcing and using only the finest leathers; recently redesigned, the PH General Purpose is now made using ‘grippy leather’ perfect for the jump rider looking for a secure seat, the young beginner rider seeking confidence and the mature rider needing that little bit extra ‘stick’. The soft, flexible forward cut flap allows riders the opportunity to get up into their two-point position whilst jumping however having a slightly deeper seat than the traditional jump saddle also allows the stirrups to be lengthened and a longer, straighter position achieved for flatwork or dressage sessions.

As with all PHS saddles, the importance of equine back health and long-term soundness is paramount and is reflected in the design features of the PH General Purpose. A fully adjustable gullet ensures that the saddle can be changed to suit the widest of ponies’ right up to the narrowest of thoroughbreds. Designed with a wide channel, from pommel to cantle, no pressure is placed upon the fragile and sensitive spinous processes ensuring that no weight is placed on any anatomically non-weight bearing areas of the horses’ back.

The PH General Purpose features soft wool-flocked panels which can be easily adjusted or re-packed as the horses’ back musculature or condition changes over time due to work, feed or age. The insulation benefits of wool also protect against heat build-up between the horse’s back and the saddle panels, keeping the tendons and muscles that run underneath the saddle safe from overheating.

Combined with Peter Horobin Saddlery’s world renowned design of sophistication and elegance and the use of only the finest quality leather, the PH General Purpose encompasses all that is important to the discerning everyday rider.