15 February 2017

Will Faerber - Art2Ride heads downunder

Will Faerber - Art2Ride heads downunder

For the first time ever, us Aussies are privileged in welcoming Art2Ride’s Will Faerber to NSW and Melbourne this March. Learning from the best of the best, Mr Nuno Oliveira, Will has dedicated his horse career promote the beneficial outcomes of classical training. Countless riders describe his methods as a ‘light at the end of the dark’, after feeling for years that something was wrong or missing. Will emphasises the harmony and relaxation between horse and rider- developed by an engaged back, a deep stretch and a soft conversation by the riders hands and body. Will has truly tackled the concept of modern dressage, and all Art2Riders have seen a huge change in both their horse’s mental health and physical development. And as Will says- if you know how to walk, trot and canter, you can train this system and see results.

Will teaches the classical foundation method, which is developing the horse's strength, balance, connection and engagement one step at a time. Scientific research shows the importance of developing the back, and this is the goal of the classical foundation method. Through getting the horse to stretch down and reach for the contact it allows the energy to come from the hind over the back and down into the mouth of the horse and up to the riders hands. Then when the hock flexes and the hind leg reaches under the body it pushes the back up, and when a horse is working over it's back it's a sensation like no other, "It's like riding a continuous wave" as Will says.

Lauren Gregory hosting the NSW clinic explains "Personally I have experienced this training to be the answer to the mystery of horse training, I always felt like there was something I wasn't being told and no one could answer my questions to satisfaction, until I found Art2ride. This training allows you to ride and have the relationship with your horse that you've always wanted, and it's not hard, It takes patience and a love of horses."

Master Horseman Will Faerber from the US will be here in Australia for classical dressage clinics in March 2017. His first clinic will be held at El Castillo Equestrian centre in Springfield Victoria on the 18th and 19th of March.

The second clinic will be held in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the 25th and 26th of March at Highlands Valley Warmblood Stud. For interest in our Melbourne clinic, please contact Lia at lialhuillier@hotmail.com. For the Southern Highlands clinic, please contact Lauren at laurenkgregory@gmail.com

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Bottom: After. Notice the muscle build up behind the saddle. This horse’s back is engaged and able to support the rider. For More Art2Ride testimonials visit www.art2ride.com

Top: before- a very pronounced dip in the back. Well on its way to kissing spines

Bottom: A few weeks in to Art2Ride. Notice the beginnings of a flatter back behind the withers and engagement of the belly