The StrideFree® Melbourne Monoflap has been refined for close contact, with the stirrup bar alignment supporting the mobility and forever changing gravity of the rider to suit his or her position.
  • The specially designed StrideFree® tree eliminates the pressure from tree points and therefore encourages freedom in the shoulder area
  • Close contact to the horse, with lightweight monoflap
  • Narrow twist
  • Fully adjustable in the gullet
  • Wide channel for spinal clearance
  • Various size knee blocks
  • Wool flocked panels that can be easily repacked on site
  • Generous channel width for spinal clearance
  • Shoulder relief panel
  • Boot rub
  • Back block
  • Long girth straps

Read about the StrideFree® Gait Analysis here

Sizes: 16", 16.5”, 17”,17.5” 18”
Colours: Black, Chestnut, Dark Brown

Perfect pairs

SF Melbourne Monoflap


Chloe Mariani

"I absolutely love my StrideFree® saddles. The scope over the spreads has really changed for the better. More exaggerated. I feel my mare is jumping straighter, lifting up through the wither and the core."

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