The StrideFree® Suede is the Deluxe style leather saddle with a soft suede seat.

The features of the StrideFree® Suede saddle include:

  • Increased freedom of shoulder movement
  • Lengthened stride
  • Flexes with the horses's back shape
  • Can prevent speedy cutting
  • large load bearing area
  • Available in a soft padded suede seat for extra comfort
  • Ideal for fast work.
  • Stainless steel stirrup bar
  • Available in different coloured pipings to suit your stable.
    (Custom order for coloured piping. Please enquire)


The stainless steel stirrup bars we use on our saddles have been tested for strength. All saddles sold in Australia are sold with a closed stainless steel stirrup bar. All saddles sold internationally direct have a safety stirrup bar. As we sell saddles to stockists all over Australia we would like to advise that you ask your retailer which stirrup bar the saddle you are purchasing has. See terms and conditions for complete disclosure.


Be prepared on race day with a saddle that #fitlikeaglove On route in the mounting yard for the Paris Grand Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

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