Repair is radical. Not only does it ensure that your saddle is continually fitting your horse, but it also allows you the ability to have a long-lasting sustainable purchase to provide your horse with comfort and for you as a rider, the ability to ride in a balanced and comfortable seat.

Adjustments that include re-flocking, gullet changes, point changes, channel widening and simple stitching can mostly be completed on site. We can also complete full refurbishments, including tree replacements, leather rejuvenation, new points or structural changes in our workshop. We can repair all brands of saddles.

Here is our step-by-step guide to having your saddle repaired by the PHS team.

IMPORTANT: What is your process with the current COVID-19 pandemic?

We always maintain high standards of daily hygienic practices in our workshop and showroom but are taking extra caution in keeping everything sanitised. We are keeping up to date with the daily advice and regulations delivered by our government and therefore our service limitations are changing with this.

It is best to get in touch with us regarding the latest process in sending a saddle to us for repair and we can advise accordingly as the government guidelines change. For now we know:

• That all shipping services are still operating. Therefore you can send your saddle to us and we can send back.

• At present, our office and workshop is still open for business and we are available to accept deliveries and/or you dropping in your saddle.

• We need to maintain the current recommendations of maintaining 2m social distancing so advise if dropping in your saddle, you do so at a safe distance. We are adopting a contactless dropping off process at our office for saddle repairs, but please get in touch with us first outlining your plan to drop you saddle off at our front door to ensure safe delivery and receiving of your saddle.

• Should the guidelines from the government change and we are forced to temporarily close our workshop and office, we will update the new details here to make new arrangements so we can continue on with servicing your saddle.

Please be patient during this challenging time. We collectively need to do our bit in not only providing the service you expect from us, and keeping our business operation going, but understand this may come with potential delays and limitations. Ultimately, we want you to keep riding during this stage of self isolation and keep your horses happy too!

Who to contact?

In Australia call our friendly team on +61 3 59751055, or write an email to with your request. If located outside Australia, visit our Network for your nearest PHS representative. We will then take the necessary action to provide you with a quote and more information for the next step.

How much time should I leave for my repair?

If your repair is urgent, we can endeavour to accommodate your needs. However, please try and choose a period when your saddle is not required and leave yourself plenty of time for postage and turnaround time. We like to say that it takes 7-10 working days to repair and send back your saddle.

If you are having an on-site consultation, most adjustments can be done there and then in the truck and then refitted to your horse on the same day. #happyriding

How do I send my saddle?

Wrap your saddle up carefully. We recommend using bubble wrap or a saddle bag and extra packing. Make sure you place it in a box and choose a registered and insured postal journey, so you can track your parcel.

Alternatively, you can drop the saddle off to our workshop at 18 Milgate Drive, Mornington, Victoria.

How do I know it has arrived?

Once it has arrived, you will receive a confirmation email.

I live remotely can I still have my saddle fitted?

Yes, please fill out our saddle fitting form! The fees starts from $49.95 with additional costs for adjustments or repair. All we need are a couple of good quality photos (you can take them with your phone) and attach them to the form.

What next?

We will adjust the saddle for you, which can include jobs such as, a partial or full re-flock (adjusting and renewing the wool inside the panels), changing the gullet (widening or narrowing depending on your horse’s requirements) or refurbishing the leather or stitching.

Would you like accessories? No problem! Add any accessories or leather care items that you need so they can be sent back with your saddle.

The balance of the saddle is paid including return postage on completion.

*HOT TIP. Keep your box for next time when you need your saddle repaired.