The ultimate in luxury

We offer complete bespoke experiences. From exotic skins, to hand made Australian precious gems and gold coated d-rings, your experience can reach new heights of luxury with Peter Horobin Saddlery that truly represents your unique style.

  • Enjoy a complete unique buying experience.
  • Discuss your leather options with a member of the Horobin family or a trained representative.
  • The option to select a range of head nails created by a third generation Australian jeweller. Paul Minzenmay. Made in Melbourne.
  • Assist in the personalisation of your Peter Horobin Saddle which will be an investment that will last a lifetime.


Marlee Horobin

"The bespoke experience is part of our culture. When you decide to purchase a Peter Horobin saddle your experience starts with us and our love of luxurious, beautiful pieces"

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