Good leather ages well and lasts. Peter Horobin Saddlery choose A grade skins sourced from tanneries across Europe who's core focus is on sustainability and ethical tanning practices. Unlike most man-made synthetic materials, leather gets better with age - acquiring a depth of patina and wear which will become individual to the user. The Horobin family are continually looking for mindful ways to create an impact by being ethically and socially responsible - investing in the future.

Leather is easy to repair and maintain. The journey towards sustainability starts with investing in a Peter Horobin

Significant steps have been made by the global leather industry with regard to environmental matters.

You can find more information about the progress of the leather trade and understand more about leather being a byproduct here.

Nourishing your saddle

Like our own skin, leather can become dry and cracked and lack proper function without the right care and nourishment. A Peter Horobin saddle can last for many, many years, passed down to the next generation of rider if the right leather care is carried out.

To validate your leather warranty, you need to follow the below leather care recommendations, using our recommended PHS Leather Care range.

Oiling your saddle

It's important when first receiving your brand new Peter Horobin saddle that you oil it straight away using our PHS Leather Oil. Oiling your saddle softens the leather and allows your new saddle to uniquely mold to your body shape. Moving forward, you should oil your saddle if it shows signs of dryness.

Using a clean paintbrush, spread the PHS Leather Oil everywhere including the underside of the saddle. Avoid the girth points to avoid softening and stretching. Leave it to soak for about an hour. Wipe off any excess oil with a dry cloth.

Note: Lighter colour leather such as chestnut will go darker when oil is applied.

Cleaning your saddle

Your saddle gets dirty quickly attracting dust, horse hair and sweat. The build up of dirt may cause dryness and possible discolouration of your saddle. Cleaning your saddle regularly with our PHS Liquid Saddle Soap is essential for proper leather care and also allows our moisture products to better penetrate the leather. We recommend cleaning your saddle once a week with regular riding.

Remove any dust from the saddle. Apply the PHS Liquid Saddle Soap into a soft damp cloth. Gently rub into the leather, creating a lather to clean the surface. Make sure to get into all the hard to reach places and the underside of your saddle too. Once all the dirt and grime has been removed, wipe excess soap off with a cloth.

Nourishing your saddle

Once your saddle is squeaky clean, moisturising it with our PHS Leather Balm will keep the saddle soft and supple. Using an old cloth rub some PHS Saddle Balm into the saddle. Rub the balm all over the saddle into the leather, including the girth points. Start at the top of the girth straps and rub down the length of it. Use the saddle balm after every clean.

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