20 January 2020



35 Year Horizontal

To all our valued Peter Horobin customers, Welcome to 2020.

This year marks 35 years we have been in business. Living and breathing our saddle designs, inspired by the notion that you choose to ride in our saddles.

On behalf of our family, we would like to introduce to you a year of celebration. This year we’ve decided to launch each month a topic of interest which we hope will serve you with joy and authenticity. To re-introduce our brand to a new generation of rider whilst aiming for excellent VIP service to our loyal riders, some of whom have been with us since 1985. Each month, we will share a snapshot of the past, elaborate on the present and share with you the future of our brand, and how we endeavour to strengthen our key message of being Australia’s finest saddlery. With each monthly topic, we will provide something exciting to incentivise our customers.

Our goals for this year will evolve in due course, via a range of communication mediums which will cross social media, newsletters, events, education and new initiatives. From giving you a raw and authentic insight into our head office to strengthening our ties across our country and globally. It is going to be a year full of engagements in the year two-thousand-and-twenty.

To kick off our celebrations, we wish to first incentivise the community who have been tragically affected by the bushfires. Many of our customers have been severely impacted by the bushfires with their saddles also being taken in the fires. We would like to reach out to the people who have been affected by the devastating bushfires, asking them to register with us their details via email and we will do our very best as a family to get their riding back on track. We will cater for each case individually, by doing everything we can to accommodate our clients so they are able to get back into their new Peter Horobin Saddle.

As a company, we are also going to pledge to give a $100.00 donation from each saddle sold in Australia. Our newly appointed NSW saddle fitter, Paul Cairns and Western Victoria saddle fitter, Leslie Williamson will also be donating $100.00 per saddle sale. Our USA representative Karen Loshbaugh from Art2Ride will also be making a US$50.00 contribution for every saddle sold in North America. Our aim is to donate at the end of each week so the people in need receive the money as they need it.

Our staff have chosen the following organisations to whom we will donate to:

- Wildlife Victoria


- Kangaroo Island National Park

- Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief

We look forward seeing you in the saddle.

The Horobin Family