18 June 2015

PH Pony Dressage

PH Pony Dressage

With the rapid growth and development of Pony Dressage in Australia, the need for a petite, smaller saddle that still provides as much support as larger saddles has quickly arisen. The PH Pony Dressage saddle has been thoughtfully designed to fill this whole in the niche ‘pony’ market. Providing the smaller rider with a secure, deep seat and knee rolls; the PH Pony Dressage saddle allows the rider to achieve a beautiful classical position in an unrestrictive, manageable package.

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The PH Pony Dressage saddle has been designed not only for the small young rider but also for the taller, more experienced adult rider. Often adults ride in saddles that are too long for the ponies back, placing pressure onto the ‘bucking reflex’ area of the lumbar region. Muscle atrophy and degradation behind the saddle, incorrect muscling over the back, inability to lift over the back leading to a hollow frame, bucking, and the reluctance to move forward freely can result. With its short-paneled, compact design the PH Pony Dressage saddle ensures that the balance between achieving a large enough seat for the rider whilst still maintaining small enough panels that do not exceed the ponies weight-bearing boundaries is met.

Upholding the world-renowned standards of PHS, the Pony Dressage saddle is made using only the finest European leather; featuring a deep, soft seat, knee rolls and fine, elegant stitching all of the features of a larger PH dressage saddle in a compact, light-weight design. As well as the option of shorter panels suited to the smaller ponies, the PH Pony Dressage also features a fully adjustable gullet and 100% wool-flocked panels, to achieve the perfect fit.

Along with the boom of pony dressage has come the influx of well-bred performance ponies that are also making waves in the show and hunter rings. The PH Pony Dressage saddle can easily transition into the show ring with its neat, sophisticated and unobtrusive appearance.

The PH Pony Dressage saddle encompasses all that is loved about Peter Horobin saddles; class, style, quality and luxury all whilst being carefully designed to take into consideration the ponies smaller anatomy and long-term back health.