2 June 2015

The PH Pony Show Saddle

The PH Pony Show Saddle

Perfect for the young show rider or petite older competitor, the PH Pony Show saddle embraces show ring looks whilst maintaining equine back health as the number one priority.
Pony Pony

Style and elegance have been achieved through the combination of delicate, tidy stitching and the use of the highest quality English leathers; resulting in one of the most popular, affordable and well-loved saddles in the show circuit today.

In the competitive world of showing every detail must be taken into consideration. From the immaculate turnout of horse and rider to the foot-perfect ridden workouts; it is a discipline that requires beauty and quality in all aspects.

The PH Pony Show saddle exceeds the demands of the perfect show saddle; offering stunning, traditional looks, with the option of covered buttons whilst providing the horse with the comfort required to perform in the ring.

Designed to show of the ponies’ conformation, straight cut flaps work to enhance the elegant shoulders and the compact panels keep the whole rider and saddle ‘picture’ looking neat and unobtrusive. The short panels also ensure that the saddle does not sit past the last rib, placing pressure onto the non-weight bearing area of the horses lumbar region known as the ‘bucking reflex’.

Horobin Pony

Typically show ponies are presented in a well-covered state and therefore it can be near impossible to find a saddle that suits the rounder, flat-backed shape without rolling, shifting or twisting from side to side as the pony moves but the adjustable gullet and wool-flocked panels allow for the perfect secure fit.

Characteristically show saddles are so minimal that they offer very little support for the rider, with no knee rolls and a flat seat; features that often go hand in hand with producing a ‘chair seat’ in the rider. The PH Pony Show saddle however has taken a modern approach to its design with small knee rolls and a deeper seat for the younger rider who requires a little more security and assistance in maintaining the ideal shoulder, hip, heel position. A discipline steeped in tradition, the PH Pony Show saddle offers the competitive, ambitious young rider and pony combinations with the classic ‘look’ but with a new modern ‘feel’ required to succeed in the show ring.

Pony Horse

Maddy Pagon rides in a PH Pony Show Saddle