27 September 2018



When we discuss saddles of any type, there usually follows a conversation of the saddle tree. The StrideFree® tree, has been designed to allow complete freedom of the horses’ shoulder movement. This will allow lengthened stride and can also give the horse a more comfortable and productive workout.

The horses’ forelimbs are considered to be attached by a ‘false joint’. Only soft tissue structures (muscles and fascia) hold the forelimbs to the trunk (horses lack of a collar bone), thus any restriction of those structures can impede full range of motion through extension and retraction of the limb. The top portion of the scapula is a cartilage cap, and the rest is bone. The thin trapezius muscle which has both a cervical and thoracic portion plays a role in forelimb attachment and movement, and also houses sensitive nerves, which when triggered can cause a hollowing of the back and raising of the head, as well as pain in the surrounding area and behavioural or training problems. Your common half trees and full trees, whether steel or wood, hang on to this area, directly affecting the spine and nerves causing pain and influencing performance.

This is why the StrideFree® philosophy has become one of the most important cogs in the wheel of training methods. Ultimately, when a StrideFree® tree is used every day in comparison to other trees, it can assist and improve on performance.

The tree has been tested for breakage under extremely strenuous conditions, which allows us to be confident in providing a 100% guarantee and lifetime warranty on the saddle tree.

The stirrup bars have two designs. One is Australian standard and the other a safety stirrup bar, meeting International standards. They have been tested for strength and safety.

Peter Horobin, who has been a saddler and saddle fitter for over 35 years, thought about the equine anatomy when developing the patent designed StrideFree® tree, and from his experience working with equine professionals across the world, he was able to develop a saddle that features cutting edge technology that also encompasses comfort for the rider.