The StrideFree® General Purpose rider is free to roam on the weekends living life in the saddle. Riding down the road, up the mountains - a free spirit. Their horse is their life. They enjoy the freedom, to escape, ride for hours, to get fresh country air, to clear their mind and soul. This rider proudly displays their Peter Horobin saddle in their lounge room for all to see.

• Fully adjustable tree from extra wide to narrow

• Comfortable soft seat

• Slightly deeper seat than traditional jump saddles, for a more secure position

• Wide channels provides sufficient spinal clearance

• Versatile design, ideal for jumping, trails, hunting, and all-round pleasure riding

• Soft Grippy leather

• Narrow twist

• Wool flocked panels that can be easily repacked on site

• Adjustable knee blocks

Built on the StrideFree® tree for complete freedom in horse shoulder movement. Read about the StrideFree® Gait Analysis here

Size: 16.5”, 17”, 17.5”, 18”, 18.5”
Discipline: Dressage, Jumping, Trail, Hunting
Knee Block Options: GP


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