9 February 2017

Rebecca Stoneman - Young Rider Ambassador

Rebecca Stoneman - Young Rider Ambassador

Bec Stoneman became an ambassador to Peter Horobin Saddlery in 2015. Her passion for horses and equine welfare is enlightening and a delight to see.

"I love endurance, riding through the Australian countryside, especially as the sun is coming up is truly magical. As with any horse sport it requires many hours of training, which makes it all the sweeter when you complete a ride."

Bec also has a love of horse racing.

"I am also passionate about the racing industry. I was the Myer Fashions on the Field ambassador for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This was a fantastic experience to mix my love of fashion with racing. I was also proud to be the ambassador for Equitana 2014."

Bec became ambassador for the new PH Amazone, with crotch comfort in the seat. She says of the PHS model of saddle;

"They are luxurious, elegant and of the highest quality, but most importantly they are made to fit my horse and can be adjusted as many times as needed as my horse changes.

With the extreme amount of hours I spend in the saddle for endurance, the most important thing for me, is that the saddle fits my horse. The slightest incorrect fit can result in your horse vetting out at a competition. I love how myAmazone saddle has a cut away shoulder, allowing for full range of movement. My horse doesn’t need to adjust his trot to work around the saddle, the saddle adjusts with him."

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