29 March 2019

Podcast Interview with Carol Kurtz Darlington USA

Podcast Interview with Carol Kurtz Darlington USA

More and more people around the world are discovering and falling in love with Peter Horobin saddles. As the demand for our StrideFree® saddles increases, so too does our PHS team where we have PHS representatives and saddle fitters in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and the USA. One of our PHS saddle fitters in the USA, Carol Kurtz Darlington, was recently interviewed by an equine podcast presenter, Ashley Ford Gayhart from The Ideal Connection.
Carol Kurtz

Carol personally experienced the difference in her own horse when she bought her Peter Horobin StrideFree® Geneva saddle. She had heard about Peter Horobin Saddlery from Art2Ride's Will Faerber and our USA representative Karen Loshbaugh, with whom Carol works as an Art2Ride associate trainer. With an unhappy and uncomfortable horse, Carol had tried so many different branded saddles before trying a PHS saddle and there she found the change in her horse remarkable.

Carol decided she wanted to train with Karen Loshbaugh as a saddle fitter so she could share Peter Horobin saddles with others. She felt it necessary to share the difference the Stride-Free tree makes to the horses' wellbeing. Carol has now been a PHS saddle fitter for three years, training under the guidance of Karen. Carol saddle fits in the eastern part of the USA which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, and parts of Ohio. Carol says "I want to always remain a learner, so my education will never stop."

Carol met Ashley Ford Gayhart doing an Art2Ride clinic at Ashley's barn in Virginia Beach with Will Faerber. Carol brought a bunch of saddles to the clinic to let people try them for their Art2Ride session.

"Offering this service is important because you really have to ride in a Peter Horobin saddle to feel the difference, and many people just have a much better session with Will when their horse is moving more freely."

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Ashley was one of the riders who rode in one of our saddles for her session, and she felt much less tension in her horse for that ride. So of course, as soon as she could, Ashley bought her first Peter Horobin saddle. Ashley has a wonderful equestrian business called The Ideal Connection, where she presents interesting podcasts on so many equine topics that aren't always covered in the horse world.

Ashley reached out to Carol, inviting her to be interviewed on topics such as proper saddle fit, wool vs foam flocking, leather care and storing saddles, and of course talking about Peter Horobin saddles and our revolutionary StrideFree® tree. You can listen to the full podcast here: