19 April 2017

Christine Crawford - StrideFree Ambassador

Christine Crawford - StrideFree Ambassador

Moving into Spring, dressage and show competitions are popping up in all corners of NSW. Not happy with your current saddle fit? Then we have a solution for you.

Christine Crawford is your go to lady to discover what it is like to own and ride in a Peter Horobin Saddle.

Christine will be available for consultation by appointment only at the following events.

NSW State Champs: 31st August - 3rd September
Hunter Valley Champs: 10th September
Alexander Park Dressage Champs: 24th September

Assessing all brands of saddles, take the opportunity to have your saddle fitted and also (take a sneaky peek) at the new range of Peter Horobin Saddles.

It is a perfect opportunity to ride in a Peter Horobin and have Christine an Australian accomplished Grand Prix rider to mentor your experience.

We sit down with Christine to have a chat about how her horses feel under saddle.

The new StrideFree® Dressage & Jumping Saddles. are all available to be custom made to suit horse and rider.

We sit down with Christine to have a chat about how her horse's feel under saddle.

How old were you when you first rode a horse?

I must have been around 3 when I first sat on a horse at the local shopping mall. They used to run a show jumping competition - I think it was called The Benson and Hedges Cup and had pony rides on the side. My aunts then took me to a riding school when I was 6 .

What is it about dressage that has you hooked?

The training, the focus.

The horse that changed your life?

My first horse. I remember leaving Mum notes like 'can I please have a horse?' all over the house. All I ever wanted was a horse of my own.

Most magical ride? Equitana on Exellent, he did 21 one times down the centre line to start the freestyle, we placed 4th behind Mary, Racheal, and Heath.

Who Inspires you and why?

Many people have inspired me, but Rozzie was a big influence in the early days. These days, simple things inspire me like my groom who gets up at 4.30AM to help me ride before work.

After a few years break from the dressage circuit, 2017 is the year for new projects. Are you able to fill us in with an insight into what they may be?

I would love to get back to top level competition myself. The last few years I have coached Royal Show champions and Horse of the Year champions. However, I feel its time to get back into serious competition for myself.

What was your first experience with Peter Horobin Saddlery?

I first met them at Equitana working on the stand in the early days. I've always loved the craftsmanship that goes into the saddles...It is why I'm so passionate about becoming a Peter Horobin saddle fitter. They make the world of difference to so many horses and riders and they are beautiful.

Why have you chosen to become involved with the brand as an agent?

I believe it’s a great product, always developing and perfecting.

The PHS brand focuses on family values. Building a community of new and old customers in the Hunter Valley is going to be fun.. What can a customer expect from the brand and your customer service?

A knowledgeable horse person who is conveniently located in the Hunter Valley. With knowledge and experience of horses, their behaviours and what they require for a comfortable secure ride, I feel that my expertise and passion for the saddles and their craftsmanship and quality will stand me in good stead when it comes to fitting saddles and providing first class service for all PH customers.

What services will you be offering?

New saddles and saddle fitting - suitable for all types of horses and ponies.

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