Why buy Second Hand?

We are on a mission to change people’s relationships with their saddles. Second hand Peter Horobin Saddles are sought after commodities and as a company, we encourage the purchase and the service of our pre-loved brand. Through repair and re-purposing, saddle repairs have no shelf life. Peter Horobin saddles, no matter the age, can be refurbished and repaired in our workshop, both aesthetically and to fit the horse.

The benefits of second hand begin with the softness of worn in leather, to being a little easier on the pocket of your breeches. Peter Horobin saddles hold their value many years after they are made, so the likeliness of you getting up a good portion of your money back in years to come is pretty high. (Of course we would rather our customers NEVER sell their Peter Horobin) but for those who have one bought or sold, the e-service team are here to help.

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Peter Horobin Saddlery

About Peter Horobin Saddlery

Redefining saddle making, manufacturing high quality equestrian and racing saddles, while maintaining the traditional methods of craftsmanship and design.

Our saddles are designed with the focus of equine back health. Our mission is to create a memorable saddle buying experience. We continue to strive to fulfil our corporate & social responsibility, ensuring that our ambassadors and our representatives world wide reflect our core values.

We have grown from a small family company to an international brand operating with family values. Enjoy the entire experience, from designing your custom made saddle to riding in your Peter Horobin.


Hot Tips for your Model Search

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The PH Grande is one of Peter's original designs. With many editions out there, prices can start as little as under $1000.00. A close contact feel and made with either german or english leather if you can find a well loved and looked after number, you are in for a treat. Want to find out why you should buy a Peter Horobin? You will find your answers here.

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Get a jump start in the PH Jump saddle, you may be even be lucky to find one made in an olympic year. CC eventing or the PH jump can come in all shapes and sizes and fit majority of horse shapes. An older model are wool flocked, and the channels can be widened to suit our modern day four legged friends. Gullets can also be adjusted on models post 2000. Wondering whether this type of saddle would suit? email us with your questions.

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This is your ticket to liberty and freedom. The PH Liberty at one stage was ridden in by Australia's top 10 grand prix riders (true story; according to Sydney CDI circa 2009.) The cutaway shoulder allows complete freedom of movement. These saddles were an incredible innovation for the time and there are almost thousands of them out there! Extra soft leather, these saddles can be adjusted and adapted. Have a horse with a shorter back? Check with the e-serviceteam on what you need

Looking After Our Planet. Reduce Your Hoofprint By Investing In a Second Hand

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